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Hello Blog.


I move out to the porch of our room at the beach, our first week on arrival here in Thailand, and watch the wind give the trees a good solid thrashing, leaves and branches ridiculously loud. And I think, “THIS is why I want to blog.” Not to (even try to) capture every last beautiful moment, deep thought, or gorgeous interaction. But to have some account. Some account starting Week 0. Some highlights that I can look back on, with smiles and tears and everything in between, and say “We’re here. After many many years, we’re on the far side of the ocean. And God is with us.” See here, Maja? Emerson? Read this. Read about our time, our adventure, our God’s faithfulness.

And in the meantime (because it will be years before Maja and Emerson are reading), I also write for my friends and family, far in space, close in spirit. Be here with us.

Family, fun, faith, work, life, street food.

There is no deeper agenda.

Brenden has always called me his “resident archivist.” But in caution, he told me, “This (blog) doesn’t have to be perfect, doesn’t have to be witty, doesn’t have to be cool. Just capture your thoughts.”

He continued. “Make this fun. Write this for you. And for our family. It’s an outlet.”

He’s a keeper.

So, on that note, Hello Blog. Happy to meet you.

hello blog


7 thoughts on “Hello Blog.

  1. Great post! THANK YOU for starting! Thank you for sharing… even just the little bits. Loveyou.


  2. Thanks for posting! Great to see it up and running! Love you, courtney


  3. So glad you are doing this; will look forward to reading it!


  4. Lilly, so happy to get re-connected. Thank you so much for reaching out.


  5. Becca, it looks so great. Thanks for getting this going! Hip Hip Hooray.


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