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V is for Vignette


In an effort to start writing again (it’s the New Year and all…), I wondered if it would be helpful to just write little blips (or, more technically, vignettes) of events, ponderings, processes going on in the very present moment.

I have pages and pages of saved notes from this past 1.5 years of life overseas. I’ve written dozens of blog posts in my head, (usually while driving with the Chili Peppers jamming in the background). Insights. Cute little stories. Joys. Hardships. And I just haven’t been able to actualize them into much of anything.

Might have something to do with the Full Head Phenomenon. You know, where there’s not space in the brain for thoughts to move around much, let alone organize or synthesize, because of the fullness of life, of experience, of newness. (And can’t it be framed that this a wonderful thing, actually?)

Grace. It’s OK.

There are reasons.

And it’s OK.

Becca, let’s move forward instead.

So I’m going to try to post some more unpolished, raw scripts of thoughts. Let the chips fall where they may. No over-thinking, over-analyzing. Just sharing, at times in unresolved states of mind, perhaps the content not appealing to all people in the spectrum of those I call friends, but trying to just be me, to let the Spirit work when and how best He sees fit. Maybe you hear my fears. Maybe “I” hear my fears even as I type them. But I also see how fears have kept me in hiding instead of living and moving in freedom and confidence.

So, to Vignettes!

(insert a Cheers emoji, if that exists.)

2 thoughts on “V is for Vignette

  1. You go girl! So proud of you for seizing the moment and just getting stuff out! Thanks Be to God! Love ya girl.


  2. Raw and unfiltered perhaps more authentic? And probably more fun!


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